CUSTOMER ALERT: Due to a high incidence of Spam, Scams, and fraud, we are providing some best practices for you: 1. If you get a call from our Fraud department, we will NEVER request that you send money via Zelle or any other method. 2. If you receive a call from our Fraud department, you are welcome to hang up and call us back on the number on the back of your card or your local branch to verify if this is legitimate or not. 3. If you receive an email about your PIN or Password having been changed, we strongly recommend that you access your account and change your password even if you are still able to access your account


Corporate Account Takeover

"Protect, Detect & Respond"

Texas Department of Banking

Online Banking has evolved into an innovative financial tool since it was first introduced in the '80s as "home banking." Consumers and businesses immediately embraced the idea of being able to bank anytime, anywhere. The concept of home banking was created during an era when America was morphing into a "self-service" society. The ability to quickly and efficiently get the banking done meant you could mark one very important item off the "to do" list.

Online Banking benefits financial employees as well as its customers. Tasks that could once only be completed by a bank employee are now quickly and easily handled by the customer at their convenience. Because of these and other advantages, Internet Banking continues to grow at a dizzying pace. Everyone will agree that Online Banking is a powerful business delivery channel that assists customers in better managing their personal and business finances. These same channels that provide unquestionable benefits are now being used to facilitate Internet attacks on businesses and Financial Institutions from anywhere in the world.

Fraud Prevention Guidelines